M a r k  R o g e r s  B a n d
M a r k  R o g e r s  B a n d

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New Album

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Mark's Musical Adventure


A guitar player since his teens, Mark played in various Belgian bands in the 80s. 

He left Belgium to establish himself in Dallas, Texas (USA), where he played with bands. They played shows with Warrant and George Lynch.

While abroad he completed the recording program of The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Science in Phoenix, Arizona in 1999.

He released a self made album of classical guitar the following year. 

After a couple of years in the US he came back to Belgium  and released an instrumental album in 2008 called "Out Of The Blue".

2010 saw the birth of a more aggressive rock album called ”Healer Of God" mixed by Andy LaRoque in Sweden.

In 2012 Mark formed blues band  “Dimes & Nickels” this time as lead singer and 

guitarist. The band released an EP in 2014 and played all over the country.

In 2015 movie Producer P. Glotz asked him to write the soundtrack for the movie “Belgian Disaster”. 

A video clip was released for the song “No For An Answer”.

In 2016 Mark joined cover band “The Broadcasters” and played many shows in Belgium.

In 2019 Mark finished recording a fourth album dedicated to his passion and love for the blues with the talented Myke Rock on bass 

and the groovy Thomas Beyaert on drums.

The "Guitar Classics" & "Out Of The Blue" albums


 Those are the CD covers of two of Mark's previous releases. Recorded in Dallas, TX "Guitar Classics" pays tribute to the great classic composers of all time. Have a listen of the full album on YouTube.

The "Out Of The Blue" album is a collection of original tracks for the electric guitar lovers.

The "Healer Of God" & "Dimes And Nickels" albums


The CD cover on the left is from the "Healer Of God" album. Not for the faint of heart and if you like it loud this is an album for you! 

Mixed in Sweden by Andy LaRoque.

The CD on the right is a production of Mark's latest band, Dimes & Nickels where his taste for the blues is shining through. 

This one is a 4 tracks extended play.



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